Recent works

Benching a Manhole

The benching in this manhole was had been completely eroded. We was asked to restore to the orginal state to allow the flow of water back into the drain. When it comes to your drainage system your manhole plays a vital role in getting rid of foul water. If the benching in your manhole has been eroded over time, this will cause congestion in the system and may lead to a blocked manhole. As you can see we were able to restore this manhole to its original state.

A Flooded Cellar

This cellar was flooded over a foot deep in places, with foul water. We was asked to empty and disinfect the affected area.

We started by pumping out all the foul water using our tanker / jetter vechicle. From this we discovered large pieces of grease, this would indicate that the problem has been here for a long time.

From the images you can actually see the depth of the water on the walls. Once we removed all the foul water we located the blocked drain and cleared with our High pressure water jetter.

We continued to jet the cellar free of contamination, and left the site disinfected with free flowing drains.



A Dig-up Repair

This household has a damaged drain, which was traced to the side of the property. from tracing and doing a CCTV inspection we would that the drain had a circumferential fracture, which was debris to get caught in the fracture and lead to a blocked drain. On the otherside because this facture was at the joint it would eventually lead to foul water leaking into soil and contamination of the surrounding area.

We set out our digging area, and dug down until we found the damaged pipe. We removed a large section of old clay pipe and replaced with new PVC plastic pipe, and used two banseals to complete the job.

Once refilled we carefully placed back all the sections of grass in a fashion so that the grass would knit back together quickly. We left the area with clear flowing drains and restated the affected area.

Aside from the manhole

The wall that you can see is the external wall of a manhole. The propblem in this instance is that the ground over some time has moved. Thus breaking the drainage line connection. We was asked to repair and reinstate.

From looking into the manhole it was easy to evaluate where we would start to dig. As we uncovered the pipe the issue became more apperant, and was easy to remedy.

We replaced the broken section with new PVC plastic pipe and joined with banseals, we then reinstated the groundwork.

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